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In both my time as a solo singer-songwriter and now as part of the Edmonton-based band The Collective West, Kyla has been beyond supportive in helping me to navigate the music scene and maximize my potential. Her passion for music, empowering indie musicians, and understanding and mastering music culture is obvious through her thoughtful, insightful blog. As a musician I want to spend time writing and playing music, not trying to figure out how to make social media work for me and having Kyla’s expertise available makes it way easier.

Erin Faught

I’ve had the pleasure of working alongside Kyla for many years. Since the early days, she has been a huge support and has continued to be throughout my many musical projects, from starting out with The Strain to our current band, Rebelle. We have shared many experiences together, and her passion for the industry is something I have never questioned. It is very exciting to see the product of such drive in her work.

David Taggart