Being a music blogger can be tough sometimes. We get flooded with emails from artists and bands asking us to review or promote their music. I have had so many cool, young artists and bands reach out to me or comment on my posts, hoping to get heard or shared. And it genuinely bums me out when I just don’t have the time to do it. Since I’ve worked on the flip side in management, promotions, and PR, I totally get how hard it is to get your band noticed. It could all be so much better if just one person gave you a chance!  There is so much unheard, incredible talent out there, deserving of all the shout-outs in the world.

So I had an idea.


Every Sunday, I’ll post this graphic on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. This is your chance to promote your music in the comments of the social platform of your choice. Tell me (and my followers) what your music’s about and where to find it. And if I like it, I might even share it as one of my #NowPlaying posts. This is your chance to shamelessly promote yourself and your music.

But here’s the caveat. You have to go view another artist’s page and like, comment, and listen to their tunes too! Use the hashtag #PlayItForward (get it?!) to let them know where you came from.

And here’s a hint in getting bloggers to notice you: know your audience. For example, don’t pitch your hip hop music to a country music blogger – and vice versa. Do a little research and find out what kind of music the blogger or publication will typically write about and make sure your music aligns, or that you are able to “sell it” in a way that will.

Want me to notice you? I like alternative rock, indie pop, and hip hop with a message. I also appreciate when people take the time to look around my blog or comment on the work that I’m doing. It shows genuine interest in being a part of my world and my community, and not just a desperate plea to have your music promoted. Those few extra sentences go a long way. So do bribes. (Kidding.)

Let’s support each other and watch the community grow! Happy sharing friends!


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